happy labor day

Last year at this time I decided to give Bob labor day off and mow the yard for him. It was my very first time to ever mow the yard. He has been pretty busy with school lately so I went ahead and mowed the yard for my second time ever again on this labor day. Wasn't as easy as last year, being 22 weeks prego slowed me down a bit:)
Picnik collage
Looks like this might become an annual labor day tradition.
We hope everyone is having a wonderful and relaxing labor day!


the tichenor family said...

you are the cutest yard-woman I ever did see... and SUCH a better wife than me, ha!!

Kristen said...

OK girls, I just found your blog & I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! You girls are so cute & awesome. I about to make some elastic waist skirts for my sweet girl. I can't wait to make more things on your blog. I also have twins (boy/girl) & another one. so similar. I also have a blog, but it is private...been blogging for 4 years. So glad to find your blog. It is great!!

love it,
Kristen Cooper (trout)...was the maiden name from college.

hannah said...

wife of the year :)

Nina said...

You are so cute! I miss you and your cute belly :)

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