matching monday

So braid wednesdays have been so much fun and we have loved sporting some type of braid every wednesday. With it being such a hit we have now added "matching mondays" to our list of quirky things we like to come up with! Matching mondays can be any two or more things that match. For our very first matching monday we would like to honor chipotle. This is our all time favorite thing to eat! We wish so bad that lubbock had a chipotle. Any time Kristen or I are flying to lubbock from somewhere that has a chipotle we always bring some back to each other. Today Kristen and Jeff came back from out of town and she brought me chipotle! Kristen always gets a burrito from there and I always get the bowl but today I decided to go with the burrito just like Kristen and a good choice it was! Two chipotle burritos with rice, chicken, hot sauce, sour cream and cheese.......happy matching monday!

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The Whitecotton's World said...

Y'all are so fun! I wished I had someone and some time to have this much fun with.

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