Shea's Winter ONEderland

Mostly I just moved things that were in our house for Christmas around to one table and called it Winter Onderland.  It was the easiest set up ever.  I feel like I may use it so many more times, poor Shea.
It started with her invite.
I drew these trees on the computer and then added happy holiday underneath (as in, shea's holiday.  The happiest holiday of all)
Then I made her a shirt with the trees on it, naturally.
(which sparked an idea to put it on an adult shirt and the rest is history).
bday table
shea in front of table
little cake
minnie and nana and shea
Everyone decorated gingerbread houses, made snow globes, played outside and ate.  It was so much fun.  It was small because it was on the day and the day is right before christmas, but it was so nice.  She couldn't have liked it more I dont think.
Happy Birthday was by far her favorite part and she has watched this video over and over and over....

sass blowing out the candles
shea and all the kids
Happy Birthday cake devourerer.  We love you so much and we had so much fun celebrating you turning one.  Can not wait for so many more birthdays to come!

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Misty said...

How fun & so so sweet! I <3 Ben's smile at the end of the video is precious! Happy Birthday Shea!

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