Celebrate Apparel 2015

So, we made more shirts.
And its just still so much fun.  We are both learning how to do so much design-wise, business wise, printing wise.  I feel like this whole thing is just stretching and growing us.  We are learning that there are things we aren't very good at and things that we have to work on even when we want to quit (like the business side :/ ) But overall, the learning has been so rewarding.  
Listen to me, I sound like Oprah.  
Let's live our best lives, now.
(Or is that Joel Osteen?  Im clearly off on my inspirational speakers.)
Anyway, new shirts for 2015 are in the shop.  
We have added some kid ones and have taken down some old ones that are obviously holiday or just seem to have a more wintery feel. Whatever that means, new ones are in.
We started off with one of our very first screens.  We made a Best Day Ever.  We weren't completely sure how to do the emulsion part of screen printing so we just used a screen and some freezer paper that we exacto knife cut out our words into.  We didnt know how to fill in the B and the D, so we just left them and they filled with paint.
Then we wore them, still have them, made them again when we were trying to set Brycie up with andy (though they didnt fall madly in love, they have since found love in other people.  It wasn't the best day ever, but we did go to chuck e cheese.  So theres that)
This isn't the exact font, but close enough.
best day ever
And how cute is our model Victoria?! Blue eyed red head and hysterical and fun all at the same time. And YOUNG! Spring chicken right there that I bribe with candy to hang out with me. Love her.
We also added a Tattoo Series.
Allison and her sister Anna have 143 on their arms.
Clearly we only let gorgeous red heads model our stuff.  Thank you Carrie!  You are just so beautiful.    On the inside and out.  I could go on and on about this girl.
(and, clearly I have the monopoly on the tattoo series.  Sorry al)
This isn't my exact rainbow tattoo, but its a rainbow.
rainbow adult and kid
I tried to model the rainbow with an emotional look out the window photo and everything, and it was rough.  ROUGH.  But it makes me laugh so much that I put it in our shop photos because, you know.
Then I have SHINE on my left arm (without the sun part)
both shines
How cute is Sass?!  She is a natural.
love shirt and little love shirt
Luckily Sass and the hat make me look better than normal, but here is LOVE.  I have it to match Jennifer on my right wrist (and little love to match the kids.  You know how much we love to match).
I still have a couple of tattoos to include, but that wraps up the tattoo series.  Then I may go on a rampage when its over and get so many more so I can make t shirts of them...(hahahhah mom! Im kidding! Mostly.)
And another thats also good for Valentines Day-
My cousin Lindsey is amazing and just HAND DREW these adorable dinosaurs.
dino shirt1
shea in dino shirt3
Then, I found a strip of paper that Avery had written Let's Go Places on.  I just loved it.  and so I paired it with a picture that Jeff and I took at Lake Louise this summer to make a Let's Go Places Tee.
lets go places 4.27.08 PM
and then a kid one that I wrote and then uploaded.
lets go places3 4.10.35 PM
I feel like this line will get used a. lot.
(and these are actually the same shirt, they are just in different lights.  They are both black, but its kind of hard to tell in the top one.)
Then al made this awesome GBOGH shirt.  A phrase that we feel like definitely defines how we tend to jump in with both feet and get excited about all. most. everything...We are easily excitable.  (We should have that on a shirt, too- NOPE. I hear it, now.)
We have our tag line- Make life a Party.
make life a party
We added a kid rainbow roost and we still have the adult one.
rainbow roost4
And always the Celebrate Always Tees and sweatshirts.
Thank you guys so much for always being so supportive and buying from us- even when you already have bought something.  It just means so much.
There will be more, so we will update over here better, but this is the inventory so far.
Shop away, guys!

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Allison said...

SHINE shirt BOUGHT for my Harper-girl! I LOVE IT!

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