December is officially over (a month ago)

Alternate titles for this post- oh christmas tree and wake me up when December ends (just for fun).
We did in fact get a tree to hang our homemade ornaments on.  The only minor thing was that we got it on December 23.  But at least it was before Christmas.  and it cost $1.08.  It pays to be late.  (That is clearly a new life motto.  or a shirt.  or both.)  (and looking at that sentence I see lots of space between the period and the next sentence and I hear that is controversial now-why?  I like the double space.  I on the side of the space.)
We decorated it,
us in front of tree
and took a self timered (almost) group picture in front of it.
I say almost because this was the year that everyone got lice.  and multiple viruses in a two week period where everyone had two separate rounds of fever (hence the wake me up when december ends title).  So avery was on her first round of fever and in bed.
We started off with my dad's birthday dinner, where we got some amazing news from my brother and sister in law about MY FIRST NEICE OR NEPHEW FROM MY OWN SIBLINGS!! Just so excited for them and for the head of hair that beautiful child will possess.
That is me and shea super excited and red eyed.
And shea announcing she is going to be a big cousin this summer.
The next night we had the best christmas pageant ever at church that truly did make me cry the entire time and was just incredible.  The kids did such an amazing job remembering and belting out their lines.  It was well written and executed.  Loved it so much.
We came home from that and did some lice treatment.  Fun. Times.
(and if you have had lice you know that this nit picking lasted every day for hours with a headlamp for the next two weeks.  I was a newby and didnt realize what all went into lice evacuation.  It is not for the faint of heart)
Santa came the next morning and brought us a camper. That they are all sleeping in right now because I dared them to. On one tiny pallet.  I am so mean, but they are making memories! And they were so excited.
walking to jan and bobs
Then, we went to my parents and for some reason I have no documentation of that.
Then, we tried to go skiing, but got everyone who was with us violently ill, and so we all came back home.
We opened our memory jar on NYE by ourselves with little outside fun (due to our sickness).
It was really fun to open the memories and read them out loud.  Some we remembered, and some I didnt.  It was funny to look back on things we thought would be engrained in our minds forever, and then they weren't; and the things that we thought were in passing, but ended up being a big part of last year.  Definitely a tradition now.
Then we ended the year with a fever, and Jan started with a bang, but it has been a lot better so far.
Let's do this 2015.

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