12 months of Shea

On instagram I did a little picture every month, and even though I recorded it here also, I just wanted to see with my mom eyes how they all looked next to each other.  Besides my lack of consistency on any of the pictures and the fact that there is hardly any coherence to these except the inclusion of shea in each one, I am really glad I did it.
It is so much fun to see what she looked like every month.  And of course I took wayyyyy too many other pictures, at least these were documented in a way I can remember when I have lost even more memory than I have now.
This truly has been the most incredible  year.  I am so gushy and full of momness right now that I even watched the video of her very first bath at the hospital that Jeff took and cried.  How is it that so many days of this year I honesty thought I could not go on and now I can only remember the good? And it felt so long in those moments and now it is but a flash before my eyes.
Time. Such a mystery.  I am so thankful for the negativity that it so often washes away and the good that it can highlight when seen through tear filled eyes of a mom who made it (at least this far).
Happy one year Shea Bean.
You are light.  And it is evident in every photo.  There is a joy behind your eyes.  I cant wait to see how you continue to light the lives of those around you throughout your life.

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