Annual Heather Pictures

There are never the right words for how grateful I am for every time Heather takes our pictures.  Never.  They just make me cry and mean more to me than I can ever say.
And y'all.  A few of our chickens  made it for the christmas card pic.
It was eggciting. (had to)
The others would have been in the pic but they were in a foul mood. (cant stop)
Notice our wear whatever you have clothes theme going on and who cares if it doesn't match or if it is too small or your sisters... And clearly the hat and I are one. We can never be a part.  And there were  few that had to go because I look like I am trying to stuff myself into someone else's baby clothes, but the holidays with sick kids and laziness overall will do that to you.  These photos should be my before pics.
Thank you heather for everything.  Every single documentation of real life with chickens and baby's and bottles and no shoes. We love you more than we can say.


Britt Fisk said...

These are GORGEOUS!!! How cool that you have chickens, too! I kind of (KIND OF) want some someday. You are all so, so beautiful!

Lifethrualinds said...

These pictures are gorgeous! I love them all so much. Shea holding that bottle, sassys smile in like every picture, Ben with those chickens, Avery looks like she is a teenager! You and Jeff are too young and fun and good looking to have all those big kids. And the hat is super cute. Keep on with it

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