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shea in bed2
When I was pregnant, I asked a few of my crafty friends to make things that I could hang on a mobile for shea to put over her bed.  I also saved some stuff that I had made with my kids or with friends that I knew I could use for the mobile, as well.  I didnt have any specific requirements except that it be a neutral color.  At that time we didnt know if it was a boy or a girl, so that kind of a played a role in what everyone made.
Having homemade and unique pieces from people that I love for her to look at, and to remind me (and her eventually) how many people love her, is one of my favorite things about this mobile. I knew it would be cute because all of my friends are so talented, but I didnt know how neat it would be every time I looked at it.  It is definitely one of my very favorite things.
Lindsay made the rainbow, allison made the cloud, shannon made the cross stitch heart, brooke made the star, julie made the elephants, blair and mel made the pom pom and sassy and I made the hearts.
She just smiles at it every time she is in bed.  She kicks her legs and talks to it.  She loves it so much- it is just the best.
And jennifer made her a cloud with a beautiful rainbow at the bottom that was just so pretty by itself that I framed it and hung it on her wall.
I am going to hang up the hat she came home in and the beautiful rainbow hat brooke made her too. I just haven't gotten around to it yet....
Thank you everyone who gave me the coolest things ever to hang over shea's crib.  I cant tell you what it means to me to look at it every time I am trying to put her to bed. SO so thankful for everyone in our lives and how so many people have given their time and creativity and love to make this transition so much easier.  I am truly blessed with the most amazing people in my life and I am so thankful my kids get to experience them too.

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Misty said...

so so sweet!!! LOVE her room :) Please come decorate my house, Kristen! :)

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