Great Wolf Lodge

The weekend before Easter, jeff and joe were going hunting for the weekend, so jennifer and I decided it would be crazy fun to go take our kids to great wolf lodge.  It was insane.  and fun.  and insane.
The kids all did really well, considering, we were more than out numbered and we had two babies under 6 months old, a three year old, two fives and an eight.  The cards were really stacked against us.
But everyone had such a great time and isla was really the only one who stayed up at night!
(win, win for everyone but isla...)
My kids are pretty obsessed with elly, to say the least.
she had probably not been touched so much in her life.
Shea thought she was pretty funny, too.
Elly was a litttttttle skeptical of the whole thing.
Shea wore Avery's old swim suit, and it was pretty much the cutest thing in the world.
This is a side view of Avery wearing it so you cant tell how much they look alike, (and aves is a little older here) but you get the idea.
Unfortunately this is the only pic we got while at the water park (while we were eating, of course).
We also hung out, dressed up, and colored in the hotel; all while looking out our amazing view of the highway.
Overall, it was a crazy, crazy fun filled, and exhausting time.  (But I cant wait to do it again!) Thanks for being on board with my crazy ideas jenn! Heres to next year :)


Unknown said...

What a great weekend for the kids and the moms. It's one of my daughters favorite places.

Britt Fisk said...

How fun are you guys?!? Love this. I've always wanted to take the boys there but didn't know what was the best age to go. And, that precious Shea is darling in the swimsuit!

BrookeD said...

These pictures are the best!! All those beautiful babies (and mamas!) :)

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