4 months

four months1
Happy 4 months baby Shea.
(This picture is a completely inaccurate take on you at four months because I took them like 2 weeks into your fifth month.  I am sorry if this make you feel like your whole life is a lie.  Just know I at least scheduled it for the right date on the blog.  Is that better or worse?  Hard to say)
You are the life of the party.  SO much so, that you really never, ever want the party to stop unless you have been on a pretty tight schedule for days in advance with naps planned in, and you were ready for the naps and breaks.  I really just realized, no offense, that you are a kind of a hard baby.  I know that you won't want to read that later, but maybe it'll make you feel better when you are a little over four months into your fourth kid and you realize you still do not have this baby thing down.  I was so naive and thought that you would just seamlessly fit into our lives and do what we do- ha! I love that.  Now, dont get me wrong, you are so much fun.  Like SO fun.  And if you are held for the majority of the day, you are happy.  Peaceful and happy and sweet and will nap pretty easily.  But, if I am home alone or the kids are getting home and you are tired, you want to be held, and not by a blanket in your bed.  In fact you still can not roll over because you are held so much, haha!  You are probably going to need therapy for all of the constant touching you got as a baby. And putting you to sleep is still a doozy.  Every time I get a little bit stressed.  So, we will try a cry it out someday.  Someday when Jeff is home every night we do it, because I am hopeless and will go in and get you (hence the inability to roll over).
But, you are also the sweetest, sweetest baby.  You just smile and laugh all the time. You laugh at your brothers and sisters so much- it is literally the best thing in the world.  You love to give big open mouth kisses and to sit up.  You hate to lay down, so you are happiest in your bumbo, or sitting with us (duh).
I still, even with all the craziness, you are just my favorite thing.  You are so happy and sweet and I do not want this time to pass and I feel like it just keeps moving even as I grasp with all I can to make it stay.  These are the most wonderfully chaotic and tiring and fun times of my life and I wouldn't trade them for anything except a nap.

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