Potty Training 101

It was a big weekend over here! 
McKenna is potty trained and I can't believe it. Potty training Ella was a breeze. It was the week we moved in this house and she just decided to throw her diaper in the trash and never looked back. Ella was about 3 and 2 months when she did it. Which is basically how old McKenna is now so I don't know why I was so concerned with McKenna not being potty trained yet. People always say that when they are ready, it will happen so easily. It is so true. I knew that I didn't want to force McKenna into panties but I had definitely tried to bribe her over the last couple of months. She wanted nothing to do with it. If McKenna had remembered everything I had been saying over the last months, she would be living the dream. She wouldn't have to take naps ever again, she could get ice cream for dinner, she could pick out a toy, put makeup on dad, the list goes on and on. I was to the point that whenever she would want something that I wouldn't allow at the time, my response was "if you go tee-tee on the potty." Probably not a parenting tip to copy.
McKenna is going to Ella's school next year for Pre-K and she is so excited about it. I told her at one point that she had to be potty trained before she could go to school there. Her response was, "Then I will just go with you mom." Go with me where, I asked? "To Hobby Lobby." Sweet. My kid thinks all I do everyday is go to Hobby Lobby while they are at school. That is not entirely true McKenna. I love Target just as much.
Anyways, everyday for the last month or so I will casually say something about potty training. I would ask if she wanted to wear panties that day and her response was always the same. "Next time." Ok. So I would ask again the next day but it was always a no. Last Thursday night as I was cooking dinner, McKenna comes running in the kitchen wearing a pair of panties over her diaper. This was nothing new, she loved to do this. I jokingly said, take that diaper off girl! She surprisingly said "Ok!" and ran off in the other room. She then returns in just panties and tells me how she is going to Ella's school now. Haha. I love that the first thing she thought of was getting to go to the big kid school.  Next thing you know, she comes running back in the kitchen telling me that she went tee-tee in the potty! She was so excited. I ran to the bathroom and sure enough the kid went in the potty all by herself! I wasn't even with her. We all did a potty dance and couldn't wait for dad to get home. Right after dinner we went for a late night ice cream trip to celebrate!
The next morning I didn't go to bible study and stayed in the house with McKenna. We had new panties, little treats, a 10 day potty chart and lots of stickers.
She only had one accident the first day and did so awesome!
Day 2 was a big moment. She went #2 and was beyond excited. This is the part I was most nervous about because she has to take Miralax every other day for constipation. I am so glad that it hasn't given her any problems and I'm hoping once we are pros at this potty thing, I can cut back on the miralx all together.
 I told her that after 10 days of going potty like a big girl, I would throw her a potty party. She is so excited and counting down the days. We are on day 5 today and everything has gone so good. I am so so proud of her and she couldn't be happier for herself. I put a pull-up on her during nap and bedtime but she has woken up dry each day.
We will celebrate with our small group this Sunday by having a little potluck potty party. Woohoo!

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