Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!
We rode our bikes after school and actually got to trade in a bag for a tiny baby tree at one of our very favorite local eateries, Patina Green, downtown.  It was awesome.
We are going to plant our trees in pots and see if we can keep them alive.
Speaking of keeping things alive, meet our new chicks-
Sunshine, Oreo and Rosie.
So far, it looks like Sunshine is in charge.  She is always, always standing.  No matter what time I check on them.  Oreo, on the other hand, is usually laying down.  I dont know if thats because she is Ben's chick and rarely gets a moment to herself, or if she just gets tired easily.  Either way, they are all still alive.
And its been like five days.
I call it a victory.
As we speak, Jeff and Ben are killing flies with Felipe's salt gun, feeding them to the chicks and watching them run and chase each other to try and get it from the one who has it.  Hilarious.
And, in honor of Earth day, here are some pics of my flower children after playing in Nana's flower shop the other day.
Happy Earth Day!
Keep doing whatever you can to keep her clean and beautiful!

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