Bob's Year of 37 April Envelope

Are you guys so surprised to actually see money in the envelope?! The truth is I had actually taken it out too but replaced it the night before. Whew. 

I was excited about this month's envelope because of the making it rain. Sometimes I crack myself up. Bob loves to bring out the rapper deep down inside of him so I knew he would love this.

I went back and forth about the April Fool's joke. I knew I had to do something since he would be opening the envelope on April Fools and Bob does love a good laugh. I was a little nervous about it getting a laugh though. I even had a dream the night before that he was upset when he opened it. My first idea was to write some kind of fake check that was 37,000 dollars or a fake winning lottery ticket but that was just cruel. It's no fun to think you hit the jackpot and then realize you didn't. Bob and I have talked about how we will not have anymore kids and I did have a glass of wine the night before so I was pretty certain he would pick up on this joke immediately. I never would have played this joke on anyone but Bob. 
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The notes in this envelope are from my mom and dad. The verse for Bob to reflect on is Job 37. I love this verse. I had never read it before until I was putting together these envelopes. It is a great reminder that God doesn't always speak softly and in good situations. His voice is also like the thunder in a storm. Looking to God and standing still to hear him even in the midst of a storm is when you start to realize just how great and powerful God really is. 
Happy April! 

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