Ella and McKenna's class Valentines

Kristen (aka the Valentine creative genius) came up with another fantastic idea for a Valentine and I jumped on it! My girls love to wear sunglasses so it was just perfect. I ordered the glasses from Amazon and they are great quality at a great price. Here is a link to the animal print ones I ordered for McKenna's class and here is a link to the ones for Ella's class. If you are a prime member you could get them by the 13th, just in time for Valentines!
I just made two slits on the sides of their face and poked the glasses through. 
Hope your futures so bright, you gotta wear shades.


jojo said...

That is the cutest Valentine I have ever seen. Love it!!

Cassie said...

SO cute! I may have to copy this! I have been racking my brain for Eli's Valentine's and he LOVES sunglasses...so..once again, thanks for coming to my creative rescue :)

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