Concerts and Halloween (a little late)

The weekend before last, Jeff and I got to go to the Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean Concert and it was a blast.  I dont know if it has been mentioned enough times on this site, but I love concerts.  I love music so much, but not cool music or in music and I am so far from musically inclined that it is probably scary, so it makes me feel weird saying that I love music.  Most people love music and can tell you every new band or cool new music that just hit the music scene and is very unique or different and, I really just have a hard time listening to new music.  I want to like new music and I try hard to listen to new stuff, but I just want to hear a certain song at every moment of my life that fits the exact mood and moment, and its hard to want a new song that you havent heard yet...see what I mean?  I am so annoying to ride with because I have to change the music 100 times to find the song I am thinking of, but I refuse to change it off of shuffle for some unknown need to be spontaneous, I guess?  Or I am just lazy.  Anyway, if you take music I know and have it live, I am pretty much the happiest person alive.
AND if you add people I love, it is even better.
So, anyway, we saw jason aldean and Luke Bryan and they were great.  We knew all their songs even though I didnt know if I would.  Luke Bryan was much better than Jason Aldean and JA is kind of a cheater, but I really cant stray from Dirt Road Anthem or The Truth, so I pretty much ignored that part. We all just kept singing and laughing.  It was so fun to be together and relax and have fun.
Then, we had an amazing halloween and kept it pretty low key. Avery had a fever from sunday night until tuesday night, so we were stuck inside for the beginning of the week.  Luckily she made a great recovery for the big night.
We got costumes at target because I am super lazy this year, even though sassy had been telling me that she wanted to be a bat or an owl or a rat, for quite a while.  I attempted to buy black shirts earlier this month, to make the bat costumes but never got around to it.  Since ended up being stuck inside most of the week and the twins were getting stir crazy, I decided to bust out those black shirts and see if we could make some bats.
They were suuuuuuuupppppper ghetto, but they were so excited.  Even avery got into it and decided that she wanted to be a bat too (when she had enough motrin and tylenol to feel more herself).
They made a play about bats and set up a whole screening section so that I could watch them and hear all about their batness.  They have seen a lot of Wild Kratts and read a lot of animal books, so they ended up knowing a lot more about bats than I had expected (Or made up a lot of stuff about bats.  Either way, I didnt know the difference...).
Jeff happened to be home on wednesday morning, so I left to take the twins by myself and when I got back I found Avery in complete holiday spirit.
halloween avery
She ended up without a fever for the rest of the day, and helped me decorate the porch for the trick or treaters. She couldnt wait to show the twins when they got home.
They were pretty impressed.
There was also a little pre-trick or treat playing at "the club".
When it finally came to trick or treat that night, Avery saw Mazzy's beautiful cleopatra costume and nixed her homemade costume pretty fast and morphed into a mermaid. I dont blame her.
It was a highly successful trip around the neighborhood and I am so so thankful for our neighbors and all the fun stuff that we get to do with them.  I know this is a million years late, but I hope everyone had a safe and candyful halloween!


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