Avery at my friends wedding two weekends ago,  lipstick ready.
So much to catch up on! We have been partying like crazy and I thought I would do a quick currently post while I sort through all the pics.

Watching- Nothing really right now.  My dvr is so full but we have not had any time to watch anything!  We watched one Revenge last night and Jeff was asleep in the chair before it was over.  Hilarious!  We have been watching a lot of people tie the knot and have birthdays, if that counts.  It has just been the most amazing wedding season and birthday stuff is just beginning.  I cant wait for all of it.

Listening to- Tons of mixes and I cant get enough of it.  The mix for Lindsey and Andrew's wedding was amazing and I have had it on repeat since we got it.  That made me want to know who everyone was on the mix, so I sat at my computer and shazzamed the songs on their cd and that led me to every single song in my entire library that I didnt have a name for.  It was so much fun.  I am loving the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Steve Earle from Brooke's mix, King Charles, the Shins, Black Keys and can't stop with Watch the Throne ever since lindsey and andrew's.  We are a big fan of Kanye and Jay Z over here and I am def revisiting after the wedding.

Planning- We are having a garage sale for our whole street this saturday and I have to get everything in order.  I really hope that I can clear out a lot of stuff.  Since we are moving soon, I just want to get as much stuff out of here so we dont have to move it.  Also, Thanksgiving shirts for the kids, crafts for Thanksgiving- pretty much anything Thanksgiving related.  I mean, this year it just seems like it snuck up so fast!

Thinking about- The holidays.  I am just so excited to celebrate being thankful and to focus on what we are thankful for with the kids.  Then we get to celebrate my birthday and then Christmas.  I can not wait.  I love the holiday season so much.  Sometimes, I feel like it takes forever to come, but this year it has completely snuck up on me.  I cant wait to see my niece and nephew and my sister and brother in law over thanksgiving!! She also has some amazing signs in her shop for thanksgiving and christmas, so check those out too!  She also made me the most amazing advent calendar with verses that is Christ centered and will hopefully keep us on track, unlike last year...

Looking forward to- Well this may just sum up everything I have said up until now :) Holidays, garage sales, finally getting my scarves in the shop and hopefully selling them, seeing family and celebrating non stop.

Reading- I just read Gone Girl and it was amazing.  Amazing. It was suspenseful and fun and just so so good.  I highly recommend it.

Making me happy- This weekend seeing my cousins and whole family was just so incredible.  I can not stand that it is over.  It was so much fun, so relaxing and just made my heart feel so full being with them.  They all mean so much to me and I just want to know the exact date and time we will all be together again.  We are all so different and live our lives pretty differently, but we all love each other and respect each other so much.  I hope that my kids stay close with their kids forever and feel that same bond that I feel with all of them.

What about yall????  I just love this time of year and love being able to look back to see how I felt last year about everything.  I know that the blog world can be crazy sometimes, but it really is such a blessing to us to be able to keep track of our lives. we are so thankful to you guys for reading even when it can be kind of boring or when you feel like you have maybe seen the last custom t shirt you can handle :)

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Misty said...

I am going to do a Currently post. So much is changing and happening right now. We have so much to be thankful for & some big big plans happening coming up. I think a post like this once a month would be awesome just to look back on in a year. I am also so thankful for your blog & love every single thing. especially the shirts. I just bought photoshop tonight & can not get it to install on my macbook. sheesh.hopefully i can figure that out soon so I can start my post :)

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