Our friend brooke celebrated the big 2-9 this year and we started out with the idea of all going to dinner and maybe making some shirts...then we got out of control.
She loves crossfit and is just amazing at it.  She has done a few games and she always wins.  She is so strong and just so amazing at giving it her all and trying her best with whatever she does.  She is such an inspiration and we are so so proud of her.  Knowing how amazing she is at crossfit and knowing how cheesy we can be, we decided to combine that and make Brookefit.  She had no idea it was happening and it was so so fun to surprise her.  Julie came in to town with Katelyn and Lily and that just made it.
Sassy had her princess teeth dentist appt that day, so we couldnt really start getting ready until afterwards.  Needless to say, the kids were a great help getting everything festive :)
We made a wall of balloons and streamers for Brooke to walk through when she walked in.
kids and balloons
Then we worked on the light up sign.
I just drew her name and we put lights through it.  It was pretty simple and really didnt show up in the dark, but it was fun.
We wanted to have the party outside and actually set everything up out there, but then it got dark so fast (thank you daylight savings) and so we quickly moved everything inside.  Inside ended up being so much more fun and we were all able to hide behind the wall of balloons and then yell surprise when she walked in.
brookefit lights
Instead of crossfit games, we had minute to win it games.  Allison had done some of these before so we just pretty much copied her games.  We gave everyone a choice of three different shirts to wear to make three different teams-blue, yellow and green.
Once she was overwhelmed by our excitement when she walked in, we played the stacking unicorn game, whip cream pie eating contest, blew cups across the floor with straws and pulled kleenex out of boxed with one hand.  Needless to say, it was a blast.
I think the kids had as much fun as the adults.
Peek a boo Lil!!!
We love you brooke, so so much and we are so proud of everything you and and so thankful for how you inspire us to try our best and push ourselves beyond what we think we can do.  Happy last year of your 20s!!

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BrookeD said...

Thanks Sweet Friends!!!
Y'all are my inspiration - not the other way around!!! Y'all are so creative and sweet and such WONDERFUL friends!! Honestly, I don't see how you have the time to do so much for other people but you're always doing amazing things for your friends and family and making everyone around feel special and loved (I'm totally including you in ALL of these statements Allison!! I pretty much feel like we are fabulous friends who happen to have only seen each other in person like 2 times) :)

(BTW I really feel like I've hit the big time here making it on the blog) ;)

Love y'all!!!!


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