Thanksgiving Crafts

Hope you guys all had a wonderful thanksgiving!
I could not have had a better one and could not feel more grateful for our life and the people we share it with.  We had the most wonderful week that was packed full of friends and family and fun.  I have so many pics of last week, but just wanted to post a few crafts we did before we left for our little thanksgiving road trip before I forget that they happened all together.  We know how great I am at remembering things...
We just did screen printed shirts this year that I never even got a picture of anyone in.  Avery sported hers most of the week and I should have grabbed on of just her, but I was holding out for a group shot.  I didnt end up getting the twins in theirs because Ben threw up the night before their thanksgiving feast and program so he and sassy missed that. It was so sad seeing him wanting to be better.  He got completely ready for school (even though he had thrown up all night he seemed so much better! I thought he could do it but, I know, I should not have even tried) and then just threw up everywhere.  Sawyer didnt want to go without him so we just relaxed and got ready for avery to come home so we could craft up the weekend.  We made the thankful trees and some pinecone turkeys after we saw lindsays-we couldnt resist.  Having the kids think about what they were thankful for and then avery writing it all out- it was fantastic.  Then, we hung some pine cone garland before we jet setted out.
Hope you guys had an amazing week, too!

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Natalie Benz said...

What screen printing machine did you use to make the shirts? love them!

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