Let's get to Thanksgiving since we have Christmas music playing in the background

Thanksgiving was amazing.
We started out at Isla's and Kinley and TyTys on monday.
avery at chick fil a
Then we went to Minnie and Jake's where Blair came over and joined us for a day of the dermatologist and chick fil a.  (Yes, that is what I do with my friends for fun.  I know-I am kind of out of control.)
Then, we headed out to my in laws lake house to see my sister and brother in law and niece and nephew.  I am the craaaaaazy aunt that gets so excited that she silently cries when she sees her niece and nephew because she is so excited.  Luckily my kids are the crazy kids that get just as excited, so I can hide behind them.
avery and halie in leaves
sassy in the leaves
avery in leaves
avery sass and austin in leaves copy
The kids spent the morning playing and fishing while the adults (besides me, I was no help) made thanksgiving dinner.
avery and halie fishing
caught a fish
There were some successes.
jeff and ben
ben and jeff caught a fish
ben kissing fish
And a few celebrations.
There was lake wading,
ben and the turtle
Snapping turtle finding,
playing with papa
ben playing
and lots of playing.
Oh, and so much eating.
thanksgiving dinner
I have yet to recover from the stretching that I put my stomach through.  It was a true training week.  Just getting ready for birthday/christmas/eateverythingbecauseyouareabouttohavetohavearesolutiononnewyears.  I am nothing if not a prepper.
After dinner there was crafting.  Even the boys got into it.
avery and halie crafting
ben and austin crafting copy
sassy crafting
crafting copy
And after that, resting.
My sis and brother in law had to leave early to get home the next morning.
So, we mourned their leaving the only way we know how-eating and crafting.  And combining the two.
cutting with sassy
me and my girls
train 3
train with ben
I know its not ergonomically correct or to scale or even looks like a real train- I know.  But it was fun.  and good.
The next day we went back to Minnie and Jakes where we found some horses.
Turns out my mom is the horse whisperer and she called the horses to her and the kids fed them out of their hands.  The things you learn about your parents...
feeding the horses
cheesing by the horses
Then my brothers and sister in law came over for some full on family fun time.
The kids tortured patrick the whole time and poured cold water on him over and over.  Dont worry, he loved it.
And, it turns out, his belly pillow is the ben whisperer, and it pulled ben in like Odysseus to the Sirens.  We called it a day.
We were overflowing with gratitude for everything about this week and could not be more blessed.  I would say it was definitely a successful Thanksgiving.

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Lifethrualinds said...

This post is hilarious. Love the pics of Ben with the fish and the turtles. It's like he is in heaven and Avery and sassy in the leaves are so beautiful! The graham cracker train is so cute. And uncle patty is the sweetest and most fun! Glad we saw y'all if even for a minute. Looks like a fun thanksgiving!

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