The latest

I mean!
This thing is crazy. 
It just blows in with all the heat it can muster and steals time minute by minute.
We are fully taking advantage of it and doing what all the cool kids are doing.
(ok.  I don't know what the cool kids are doing, but I am pretty sure its not making homemade friendship bracelets and giving away vests with patches.  but I could be wrong.)
Here is the latest in no particular order of any kind.

1. patriotic friendship bracelets dating back to the fourth o' july  2. the actual fourth swimming at brooks  3. milk bubbles  4.  islas first sleepover!!  5.  lunch in lubbock.  four kinds of fries with two dipping sauces.  unbelievable!  6.  al and cel  7.  more friendship bracelets.  the gap totally stole my idea  8.  al and I getting ready for our lubbock flight and the coffee that gave her vertigo.  luckily christial wasn't there so i could steal her coffee  9.  charm bracelets that ended up looking like dream catchers.  10.  bingo daubers  11.  bingo mat  12.  sawyer practicing tracing her name over my letters  13.  new short hair!  14.  outdoor spa treatment.  15.  ta da!

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Unknown said...

What program are you using for your photo collages? I love it!

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