Happy Birthday America!!!

 We Just love the fourth.
Everything about it.
Celebrating our freedom; playing at the lake, buying whatever red white and blue bathing suit they have available at wal mart-no matter the size; making sure avery gets hurt pre-fourth, so she has to wear a cast on some part of her body; matching shirts; getting our face painted and walking around the square to buy kettle corn and anything else we see that will makes us even more swollen than we already are; eating blueberry pie and fruit pizza after all that; having our hands over our hearts at all times; fireworks; singing the star spangled banner at the top of our lungs in a random mix cd with katy perry and ben harper- we love it all.
Hope y'all are having a fantastic one and we will be back with more pics of our actual fourth.
and not just our crazy homemade photoshoot in the proper attire.
Let freedom ring!

1 comment:

julia b said...

your babies are precious as usual. happy 4th of July!

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