it's been awhile

I feel like it has been forever since I blogged!
 We have been soaking up every minute of summertime and can't believe how fast it is going by. Today was Ella and McKenna's last day of summer school. I didn't step too much outside of the box and did the exact same thing I made for Ella's teacher last summer. A mason jar full of candy. You really can't go wrong with chewy candy.
Today was also Ella's last day of swim lessons. We took a private lesson that was only 30 minutes long for 4 days. We did it last summer too and it really helped Ella get more comfortable in the water. Then she started all over this summer and was scared to even jump off the side with a life jacket on. We were signed up for lessons earlier this summer but had to cancel because of her tonsil surgery. I am so glad I rescheduled because she can swim all by herself now! It was crazy how fast it happened! Peter, her swim teacher was so great and I just can't believe she learned how to swim in just 4 days. Nothing says thank you like a big bag of swedish fish right?
I have been horrible at taking pictures lately so here are some randoms from my phone. 
These things were so fun! 
My cousin saw them on pinterest and ordered them from here. 

Ella has taken a liking to soccer lately.
I think I am going to sign her up for the fall.
McKenna on the other hand, might not be ready for soccer yet. 

Last weekend was so fun! We went out for our friend Jen's bachelorette party. 
and we were obviously pretty excited.
We went to this really trendy and cool bar in Dallas. We really didn't know what to do at such a cool place. So of course we started our own dance party and got a few looks. It was so fun though! 
We ended the night by taking the limo through the whataburger drive-thru. It was the perfect ending to a perfect and fun night. Thanks again Lena for planning such an amazing night and happy about to get married to Jen! 

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