jingle bells

Look at all those jingle bells! 
Ella's night time routine has been something we have been working on for some time now. She has always been a night owl just like me. She is also a sleeper just like me too. I'm pretty sure that kid would stay up all night if I let her and then sleep in till noon. Before having McKenna and having any kind of school schedule for Ella, we really didn't have a set bedtime for Ella. We would always try to push for sometime before 10 but it was pretty whatever. When we moved into this house a year ago we put Ella into her big girl bed. She did awesome with it and I was shocked how smoothly it was. Then we started to make the move of a more age appropriate bed time for her. Bob's schedule became more and more crazy and 9 times out of 10 he was in bed before her. Ella would go to sleep at 8-8:30ish no problem BUT Bob or I had to lay down with her till she fell asleep. I don't remember how this cycle started but it would only take her a little bit to fall asleep so we would just think it was easier to just lay down with her rather than fight her about not wanting to go to bed. Then after months of one of us going to lay down with her and then falling asleep ourselves we began to think of a plan B. 
The Good Girl Jars are still a HUGE hit around here but some nights she would give up the jingle bell just to have mom or dad lay down with her. Her reward jar was lacking some jingle…
After our AC drama that ruined McKenna's carpet, we moved McKenna into Ella's room. It was something I never would have even thought about if we hadn't had to move everything out of McKenna's room anyway. When Bob threw the idea out I just laughed. After a few trail runs with a pack and play we made the big move! It has truly been so wonderful and I can't imagine them not sharing a room now. Having McKenna in the same room has made Ella go to sleep all by herself. We lay them down at the same time and they just fall asleep. It still amazes me every night and I love hearing them whisper and giggle together. Ella's reward jar is overflowing with jingle bells now and we are all so proud of her!
It's a tight fit but it works!


Lifethrualinds said...

Yay Ella for going to bed all by herself! (Teach Kinley please :0) And, I LOVE that they share a room. So, so cute.

Cassie, Alex, Dresden and Auden said...

I thought Dresden was the only three year old who wouldn't go to sleep by himself, so reading this post at least made me realize I'm not alone, and then seeing Lindsay's comment above further affirmed that, so thank you for posting! Bedtime is a struggle for us because it takes him forever to fall asleep and then our night is essentially over because we are too tired to stay up and do anything. So maybe we will try the reward jars for bedtime and see how that works! I'm so glad Ella and McKenna do awesome in the same room; that's great!!!

Nina said...

Hey I love staying up all night and sleeping until noon! Oh, right I have no kids :) Yay Ella!

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