Caris Foundation

Just wanted to share some of the amazing work that my mom and her colleagues are doing with the Caris Foundation in Kenya.  
It is just truly incredible how they are changing the lives of the single mothers and orphans in Kenya and meeting medical needs.
Her love for this work and the commitment that Christopher, John, Jim, Laura, Jane and all of the other teachers, doctors, helpers and staff is just so inspiring.  The way that their program has grown and the amount of people they are helping is so moving.
Thank you Caris for the amazing work you are doing all around the world.
The first video is about the single mother's school and the second is snapshot of a medical trip that they did in Kenya.

Praise the Lord for His love and for those who love Him and love others so much that they give their time, jobs, and lives to helping His people.
To God be the Glory.

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BrookeD said...

And I'm crying of course... So moving and so inspiring. These folks are just amazing, what a blessing!

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