Best Birthday Ever.

So, I had the best birthday Ever.  
Just everything about it was so amazing.
It started days prior, when Blair sent me a whole care package for my birthday full of my favorite things. Love HER!
My high school friend Nina sent the sweetest card like she does every year. Love you nin!
Then, the night before with Jeff giving me an old two seater Schwinn bike that he is going to repaint and I can't wait for it!
Celeste made me a gorgeous quilt!!!
And a whole garland with her fave thirty memories together.
It was so so kind and the quilt was so gorgeous that I just cried and cried!
And a badge for being her friend for 10+ years.  I know.  You guys are so jealous.  With a bag and a book.
Then, the neighbors brought over the most amazing cake that just melted in your mouth (and made me gain a pound and a half!)
The next morning I woke up to 30 balloons all over my porch!  They were so pretty and I thought that was so nice of my friends and couldn't get over it.
Then it went off the path a little....my other neighbors came down and we started eating the cake again and I lost track of time. we left a little late to drop avery and mazzy off.  I tried to hurry and then also tried to check my birthday texts while in my car (I was stopped, not driving, but I was in a school zone) and I got pulled over.
 Luckily I went on and on about it being my birthday and he didn't give me a ticket.  But he wouldn't let me walk the kids in first so we ended up being super late.  Luckily for me, sassy wouldn't put on clothes that morning, so she was in underwear and ben was in PJs and we looked like total hooligans.  Luckily, we hadn't gotten a ticket. That was a plus.
Then I got to talk to lindsay on face chat where got to see baby ty, and that made my morning.  I left to go have breakfast at my friend Julie's house, (with some of my friends who had done the balloons) and when I walked in they had thrown me my own personal rainbow party!!
it was so so sweet of them!! I could not get over it and I just cried and cried.  I have only known these girls for such a short time but they have absolutely changed my life here in Tyler and have made it more than I ever hoped for.  The Lord truly answered my prayers for friends, knew my awkwardness, and gave me friends who can see past it. I just love them so much!!
The theme was Someone over the Rainbow (instead of over the hill!) I Just loved it!!
Rainbow streamers!
They made me shirts!! They used a screen and everything!
Rainbow cake!
We did a our own dance party!
Then I put on my sequined shorts and got ready for the weekend.
A family trip to Vegas!!!
It was so much fun being with my family and getting to have such an amazing time together.
It was our first time to go together as a family and it really was a total blast.  I have been sick for about two weeks and so I was a little under the weather, but overall, it was just amazing.
My parents gave me 30 gifts that all had tags on them with scriptures that went with them that my mom had looked up that she said described me.  She wrapped them all the same and used brown and green to say that I was natural and good for the environment :)  Two things she is pretty excited about!
It was so so kind. I can't believe she did all of that.
It ran from gummy bears to professional caps that professional hair dressers use to highlight hair to yarn to sunscreen.  Pretty amazing.
 I am so beyond blessed with my amazing family.
My sister in law and brother got me my kids names in Morse code on a gorgeous necklace and my other brother went shopping just for me and picked out clothes I absolutely love!  So thoughtful!
Then my cousins and aunt got me some cute and comfy knits and the cutest bag! My other aunt sent me a vintage necklace too.  SO MUCH THOUGHTFULNESS!
Lindsay, Al and Aly got together and each made me a crepe paper ball full of little surprises and sweet notes about what they love about me and our friendship.  It was so so incredible and I really couldn't get over it.  I saved all of their notes that went with their presents and I just can't tell you how much it all meant to me.  I literally did not stop opening presents.
Friendship bracelets, necklaces, a fanny pack, coin purse, patterns, more yarn....amazing.
My friends and family went so far above and beyond for me this past weekend.  I was just so moved and so thankful. I don't know how I got so blessed to have friends like I have, but I am just so incredibly thankful.
There were so many of people that texted, called, face booked, tweeted- that meant the absolute world to me.  Every time I got a text or email I just got so excited and felt so loved.  Thank you to everyone in my life that has been there since the beginning or has just come around in the last few years.  You have all been such a blessing in my life.  I truly don't know what I would do without the support from you through emails, texts, long talks about being too tired to be a mom or how excited I am about a haircut that Ill never do.  Love you all so much and thanks to everyone for an amazing bday.
Ok, 30.  Let's do this.
(disclaimer: I don't want this post to come out the wrong way like "look what people did for me!!" kind of thing.  So many people did so much that I just wanted to say thank you for their thoughtfulness and effort.  I had trouble writing this because I don't want it to be all about me, but about the people who put the work and kindness into their gifts.  I hope it didn't come out wrong.)


Nina said...

Yes, I am stalking LL on a Friday night. Thanks for the shout out, but my card seems really LAME compared to quilts and rainbow parties and gifts! Can't wait to hear more about Vegas...guess I'll start working on your 31st birthday present now, geez. Love you!!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

JCrew sweater + sparkly shorts & tights = amazing. Your friends & fam are amazing.

Rebecca Gibbs said...

What a wonderful birthday! And such thoughtful friends and fam!! Happy happy birthday!

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