Fancy the elf

I was so excited when I won an Elf on the Shelf from Meredith's blog giveaway! It was waiting for us in the mailbox when we came back into town last night! This was the first time for Ella and I to ever read the story of the Elf on the Shelf and we loved it, such a cute idea. I told Ella the first thing we had to do is give our elf a name. Without any hesitation she says "Fancy." I don't know where Fancy came from, I was almost certain she was going to say Buddy the elf. So once Ella went to bed I decided to make our elf look a little more like a Fancy.
I made the elf a bow, earrings, skirt, and shoes out of felt. 
I cut out hearts for her shoes and then just hot glued them around her feet to make pointy elf shoes.
Fancy was the best alarm clock this morning. Ella is a sleeper. She rarely wakes up on her own, every morning and nap I have to wake her up which takes forever sometimes. She would sleep in like a teenager if I let her. This was so nice for a couple of years because I am a sleeper too. McKenna, not so much. She is an early riser just like her dad. Anyways, this morning as I am trying to get Ella up for school, she is pretending to not hear me because she doesn't want to wake up. Then I say "I wonder where Fancy is" and she pops up so fast and jumps out of bed. I was cracking up! She started running around the house looking for Fancy. Ella found her sitting on a photo frame and she was so thrilled to see that her elf really looked like a girl. 
Can't wait to see where Fancy ends up tomorrow morning. 
Thank you SO much Meredith! We love our elf!


Crystal said...

cute idea! think i'm going to have to make our elf Holly some shoes & bow

Misty said...

Is Ella a Reba fan? ha ha :) We have an Elfvis and I think I may need to make him some blue (suede) shoes and maybe some rhinestones on his back??? Barnes & Noble has the Elf on the Shelf movie for $10 & it's precious. Our elf has been going a little wild and masyn just adores him. I have the best behaved 3 year old on the planet thanks to our elf and good girl jars :):)

ms.composure said...

def a VERY cute idea!!


jojo said...

I love Fancy!! That is so cute. How creative to make it her own custom elf.

keepcalmandcarryon said...

I'd love to see where Fancy has ended up each day!

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