Flash mob!!

This weekend we did our first flashmob!!
It was in Frisco for the lighting of the tree in Frisco Square and it was a BLAST!! We had to learn the dance that they emailed us and then we went to rehearsal on saturday for three hours to go over it.  Our choreographer was so so cute and we loved the dance.

IMG_0702(We forced her to take a pic with us.  She probably thought we were nuts)
Lindsay and Allison's sister in laws joined us and our friend ashley.
They made the day so much fun.
Lindsay and Ashley and Mendy stayed up til 1 on friday learning the dance so they were pros.  Allison also had it down had went over it all week.  I really did not learn it til the day of, so I would not say I was really ready for the VMA's, but, getting there.
We had to really concentrate to make sure we got all our information.  I also had to distract myself from getting to antsy from excitement by taking random pics.
There was literally a time that I thought I had missed my calling for a minute and needed to call my local theatre group and share my talents.
I may have missed a few notes on the dance, though, so I feel a little unjustified in my vast amounts of confidence in rehearsal...
Then all of our friends and parents and kids came out to watch us and we were so thankful they did!
Santa also parachuted in, so that was a plus.
My kids loved the santa and seeing everyone!
(Until things went a little downhill for my kids due to hunger and tiredness and I may have spent the rest of the night reevaluating my parenting skills)
Kinley was a little bit nervous for a minute about a santa dropping from the sky...
(It was kind of a lot; I know Kinley)

This is the best video I could find.  You can't really see us (which is probably a blessing because I was so off it was amazing) but we had a blast!!
Thanks flashmob america!! You may be sad we found you because we might be hooked now :)


The Gillaspie Family said...

Oh my goodness! I was there!!! My friend follows your blog and sent me your link. Wasnt that so fun?!? I have some really good pics of rehearsal....I gave Amber my camera and she took a million for me. Will you leave me a comment on my blog with your email or a way that I cam reach you and I will send you some pics!

Cassie said...

I am so jealous. Y'all are too cool for school :)

Mandie W said...

Y'all are so AWESOME!!! Next time one of you can hug Mendy for me, please do it and tell her we miss her!!!!

Lauren said...

im so jealous! this is totally something on my bucket list!

Unknown said...

Ummm...this is like my dream in life!!! I am so sad I missed out on this! We live in Frisco now! Let me know if you do a flash mob again nearby...I'd love to join!!!

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