mason jar love

I mailed out my first set of custom made good girl jars to our thanksgiving giveaway winner Brandie! I hope her two little girls love them as much as Ella does. I have been thinking about maybe making some to sell, but would anyone really buy a set of good girl jars?
  Brandie wanted a jar for eating/manners, being sweet to sister, bedtime, bath time, thumbs up and cleaning. Then for the big reward jar she asked for a present on top. 
Last week we had a "favorite things" gift exchange with my bible study girls. We were to bring two of the same item, each under 5 dollars that was one of our favorite things. Of course candy was the first thing that came to my mind. I filled some mason jars (also a favorite of mine) with milk duds and swedish fish and made a label for the top. We did the first round with this very cute poem that made trading and stealing really fun and the second round we just did the traditional gift swap. Everyone went home with two different gifts. I brought home a new piece of tubberware and some magnets for my fridge. 
Sticking with the mason jar theme in this post, have you guys seen this trick?! It actually does not have to be with a mason jar, it can be done in any kind of cup. (glass or plastic) My friend Suni showed it to me last night and I can't get over it! Ok here is how it works. You take your phone or ipod and play some music. Then take your phone (with your music playing) and place it in the cup. It's like a speaker! Your music will get louder when you put it in the cup! You know you want to try it right now. Do it! It's so cool!
Ok, on to other things besides mason jars.
I have been loving the cold weather lately! I finally put away all my summer clothes today and unpacked all my comfy sweatshirts. Cold wether always makes me crave soup and I made a delicious one the other night that my friend Carrie told me about from Pioneer Women. It is called Italian Chicken Soup. Have you guys seen the trick for shredding your chicken? It is a life changer if you ask me. Just throw your cooked chicken breasts (I did 4 at once) in your mixer and with your flat paddle mix your chicken and it shreds to pieces so fast! Make sure you lock your mixer first though:) 
Hope everyone is having a great week! 


Lifethrualinds said...

1. I def think put some good girl/ boy jars in the etsy shop. They are fabulous! I also think people who don't have a silhouette would really but them.
2. Love the tips you posted. I will for sure have to try them both.

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

Yes!! I would do buy some good boy jars!!

Monica Bradford said...

I need those good girl jars for my girls ASAP! Would love to buy a set. We've been at a loss as far as discipline (especially with the four-year-old). I think those would really help. :)

Nina said...

Oh my gosh, shredding the chicken in the mixer is genius! I never want to make anything with it because I'm so lazy...totally using that one!

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