surprise balls

I saw the idea of a surprise ball on this blog a while ago and thought it was such a fun and different way to gift something. So when Kristen turned 30, Lindsay, Aly and I combined 30 reasons why we love Kristen and each made her a surprise ball. I'm sure it was fun to unravel one but by the time she got to number three she probably wanted to kill us! You take little items and wrap them in crepe paper. Each layer you add another item and so on and so on. Click here to see a video of a surprise ball being unraveled and click here to see how to make your own.
I don't have any pics of Aly's but here are a few from what Lindsay and I made ours with. 
This is everything that was in my surprise ball. 
 I put a fanny pack (they should have never gone out of style) in the center of my ball that I had to roll up real tight and hold with a rubber band. 
It was so fun to see all the similarities that Lindsay and I did in our surprise balls for Kristen. Lindsay put a zipper pouch in the center of hers.
Picnik collage
I love how she used yarn for a layer and how cute is that owl pattern!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
We each made a label and printed it off on sticker paper to put on the outside layer.
 I am going to make a surprise ball for Ella and McKenna's stocking. (and maybe Bob too if he's lucky) I think it is the perfect size and shape to fill up the toe of a stocking. I guess I better get to work since Christmas is just days away!!! YAY!


Mandie W said...

Once again, you girls are so amazing at creativity! What a fun project. The gifts are extra special, but the true gift is how you ladies love and care for each other, and continuously express it.

Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

oh my word... seriously SUCH a great idea!!!
Agree with the comment above. The love you girls have for one another is priceless and sweet to see :)

Misty said...

Well you already know masyn will have one in her stocking Christmas morning!

Nina said...

I love these guys!! So cute and creative and I know that had to take a lot of time to do, always such sweet friends and making me feel lazy!

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