sweet friends

Our days left in Lubbock are becoming fewer and fewer. It is so sad to think about everyone that we will be saying goodbye to when we leave. I actually try not to think about it too much. I get all weird and awkward with goodbyes so I try to avoid them. But really. It's gonna happen whether I like it or not.  Sad day.  
We have been keeping very busy around here trying to get everything packed up and ready to move. We moved to Lubbock with no kids and are now leaving Lubbock with two little ones. So to say that we have accumulated much more stuff since we have moved here might be an understatement. Packing has been keeping us busy but we have also been doing some really fun things during our last few weeks here. 
Last Thursday a group of our dear friends threw us a little going away dinner. We have been doing Thursday night dinners since the summer of 09 and it is so sad to think we just had our last one. It was such a great last one though! Everyone showed up dressed like either Bob, Ella, McKenna or I. It was pretty funny! 
Picnik collage
My look was pretty easy to pull off. T-shirt, jeans and a ponytail.  Lindi and Jordan pulled me off very nicely.
Bob was either t-shirt and jeans or a pair of scrubs.
Two braids and a skirt made for the perfect Ella Reese! 
Picnik collage
And way to go Amy, Brad and sweet little Cooper (my fav!) for representing McKenna!
It was such a special and thoughtful night spent with wonderful friends that we will deeply miss. Love you guys so much!

Speaking of sweet friends...you will be my new best friend if you send someone our way to buy our house in Lubbock. We are having an open house tomorrow (Sunday May 1st) from 2-4. Click here for more info on house.


jojo said...

What a wonderful party!! So much pressure for your friends to come up with a unique idea for you and they did it!!! That was perfect. Such sweet friends, I wish you could take them all with you! Looking forward to them visiting you and maybe stopping off to see me. I hope.

Janae Igo said...

You will be missed by us as well. I know the Lord guides your every step and we look forward to hearing about what he is doing in your life.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you guys had some luck with your open house! Your home looks gorgeous and will make some sweet family so happy! P.S. - I am sure that pretty red and white rug you have in your family room is way too big to haul to your new home and I would be happy to take it off of your hands for you! ;) I'll pay you for it if you are willing to let it go.... lol

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