Paper Mache Eggs on Goooood Friday

On wednesday we made paper mache eggs and they were so much fun.  I havent done paper mache in so long, and it really lived up to the hype of my childhood memories.  It was a blast.  The neighbors came over and played with us and we partied the afternoon away with liquid starch and tissue paper.
and we hung them to dry in the garage so we can stuff them with candy for later on this week.
Picnik collage
clearly some turned out better than others...
We followed the gorgeous instructions from notmartha.  That lady rocks.  I really dont even want to show you guys her eggs because they are the most awesome paper mache eggs I have ever seen and I feel like she practiced a lot more than me in her youth.  Clearly she has a leg up in the egg beautifying biz.  plus she is famous.  So try not to compare.  Ours def have a lot of love in them.
And speaking of love, just wanted to say that we are so grateful this weekend that we can not only celebrate easter with eggs and a bunny, but with new life because of what Christ did for us.  We are so grateful for the life that He laid down so that we could have eternal life; a sacrifice He made for us that was not easy.  We praise Him this weekend with everything we have.  This weekend is the reason for our joy, peace, hope and purpose.  Praise the Lord for all He has done and for Jesus' resurrection from the grave!!
Hope you all have a fantastic Easter weekend!!!

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lins said...

those eggs are fantastic!! i want to paper mache things now... happy easter darlings! xoxo

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