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Talk about a fun filled weekend! This is a long over due weekend post but this is the first chance I have gotten to blog.

This is it.
 This is the only picture I have from the beautiful shower that was done for me this last weekend and I am just sick about it. I can't believe I don't have a single picture from the shower to share with you. I'm so bummed about it. This is a picture of the sign that was hanging on the mailbox. It is what the fabulous invites looked like. And they were hand created by Lindsay and Kristen! They were so sweet to make them from scratch and they turned out perfect! I had a camera at the shower but totally forgot to use it. My mom keeps trying to think of ways to recreate the shower for a picture. She has begged me to put my dress back on and she even wanted to reorder the amazing cake we had at the shower. Way to be hard core mom, but it's just not the same...
The same day as my shower we also celebrated Kinley's 2nd birthday! It was so fun to have back to back parties! Of course I didn't take any pics of that party either but Lindsay did and you can see all her fabulous party details here on her blog. It was such a fun party, Lindsay did an amazing job!
All the kids getting to see each other was the highlight of the weekend for sure! It was just so sweet and how precious is this picture of Ella and Aves?!  
Between the Sip & See and Kinley's party we also celebrated my sister Anna's 20th birthday and my grandmother's 80th this past weekend. And did I mention that in the mist of all these fun parties and overwhelming amounts of cake I am living off of 1100 calories a day?! I know. Crazy. I have been doing this Fat Flush diet for a few weeks now to help shed my prego pounds and this weekend was the hardest yet. I gained basically the same amount with each pregnancy. (50+) It took me an entire year to lose it all with Ella and I wanted to lose it a little quicker this time around. I am a huge phase person so a crazy diet for a couple of weeks was right up my alley. It has been crazy hard and even made me a little crazy but slowly it is working. I still have 15 lbs to lose before I am back to my pre McKenna clothes but I think someday soon I will be able to take off my full body spanxs and breath normal again. 

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Nina said...

So sad I missed it - I totally would have take pictures too :)

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