Just another manic monday...

Sorry this post is a little late this morning-we def just got back from getting mcdonalds and shipley's donuts for breakfast.  Wow.  (actually writing that makes me feel so wrong.  So wrong its right.)
This weekend we D towned it again, for a day, and it was a blast.  
I made shirts for Adalyn and Lillian's birthday party 
based on the amazing drawing and invites by hayley.  She is so amazing. I want to be her in my life right now next life.
Then we hung out with linds and ben and drove home.
Sassy got sick that night and ended up with strep throat!  Such a bummer but she seems to be feeling better after our sugar comma and some pink medicine.
(oh gosh, when did i start to look so old.  ugh.)
When we got home from the dr, aves and ben and I walked to a little art fair around the corner from our house and got sno cones, fair food, and won some weird balloons that they love.
The walk home was a little bit long...but we made it with the sno cones in their mouth the whole time. (clearly this was a sugar induced weekend...mom of the year).
And thursday was avery's second soccer practice. She was pretty excited.  Saturday at the game, not so much.  She cried the whole time and wouldnt play.  Baby steps...
sassy is actually pretty good and she really loves kicking the ball around.  Ben likes it but also really loves any bug he can find on the ground.  He may not be the popular sport jock guy-prob more like the nerdy insect glasses kid.
I also made these bunny shirts for easter.  They were a lot cuter in my head than they turned out, but they are done, so thats a plus.  I have one for ben but I havent made it yet, poor guy.
Ok, so there is our crazy weekend in a nut shell.  Hope you guys had a great one!

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jennifer said...

your shirt making has really stepped it up a notch... once again very impressed! love you!

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