Last Week in Pictures

Gosh yall, we are sorry.
We have been kinda crazy on both sides of tx and are not doing many blog worthy things...I am working a little something for this weekend but its super small and not exciting.
In the meantime, I will show yall the amazement that was last week.  You will probably die of amazement over everything we have been doing.  I mean, awesomeness and unpredictability is our mojo.
 Ok.  We are boring.  Whatever.  Ill show you guys anyway.
First, someone we dont know tagged our car with hot pink shoe polish.  While we were not in it. We felt like high school girls all over again.
then we went to the zoo with Julie, Shaun and Katelyn and the kids got to feed the birds.  A definite highlight of the zoo.
it got pretty hot.
Then I accidentally spent 30 (yes, 30!) dollars on balloons.  I didnt realize how much they were and they didnt have a tag. The balloon lady brought over the tag after I had given the kids each a balloon.  Such a dumb mom move. Aaaaaand they have already deflated.  I am such an idiot.  But, fun was had by all for about 15 seconds.
Then (not pictured unfortunately) we ran around in the rain,
hid from a tornado in our bathroom with our entire family for wayyyyy too long and won a mini price is right sesh at wal mart.
 Party week. 
Hope yall are having almost as much fun as us.
Oh, I take it all back- Sass pot has been in big girl panties for the last three days (except nights) and we are beyond thrilled.  One step at a time away from baby hood (and I am crying shamelessly every step).

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jojo said...

Whoever wrote on the car did it with style.. i like the way they wrote hey with 3 dots after it.

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