Pin it Tuesday

How was yalls Easter??? Our's was great.  Nothing too exciting- many egg hunts (where sass and aves grabbed any and all eggs that they could and ben took one at a time and ended up with, like 4 total), a little swimming and a lot of family time.  We loved it.
I wish that I had exciting pics of our weekend...alas, I do not.  I think we took some somewhere...I will be back with those...
Just thought I would round up a few of my fave things this week on pinterest since my own life is lacking in much excitement cause I thought yall might like it.

LOVE these oreo choc chip cookies.  This is making me hungry...
Hek yes. LOVE these shoe laces! ghostland or bust.
We all love despicable me.  these cupcakes are fantastic. (why can I only post food on here...why dont I like real life things instead of just food...)
I wish I would have done this.  Or anything, really, to document my kids growing up.  This way is so cute too.
speaking of babies.  Did you guys see Linds' awesome gender reveal party???  It was SO cute and her mom and Ben's moms faces are absolutely the best! So so excited for them!!!
Have yall seen these amazing invites??? I know-yall have.  I live under a rock. But they are so cool so I am telling you again. They are all little paper record players that play a song written by the couple getting married!! They are sooo neat.
Ben would love this way to read the alphabet.


So, I pretty much just spend my time thinking about food, things that glow and babies.  There you go.  The mind of a genius.  Hope yall have a great tuesday.

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