Rock On

Picnik collage
Avery recently saw a tv show where they show a rock and roll band and use all kinds of new lingo like "you totally rock" and "rock on" and "rock and roll" that we havent used a lot in our house yet (I mean, jeff and I are actually in a heavy metal garage band, named crucifictorious or mouse rat or something like that, but we usually keep that for when the kids are asleep :) )
So she got us all in what she thought were rock and roll head bands and made us some instruments so we could "totally rock".
(then she sang the songs from repunzel.  perfect rock ballad)
Picnik collage
ben was on the drums and sassy had a shaker.  it was intense.  I think I may have to let her watch School of Rock and see what she thinks.  That or enter her into P DiddyDirtyMoneyorwhateverhisnewnameis's band making show.  (how old am I?  I dont even know his new name or the name of the show.  I am going to check out my pop culture IQ right after this...)
And now ben is sick too, so we may all sound a little more horse with a lot more coughing and sore throating-we should def make our album now-raspy is so rock n roll.


Shann said...

Hey mom... you rock!

Patrick said...

Hey mom... you rock!

Patrick said...

Oops apparently the first one went through... You rock two times!

Amanda said...

She is your mini-me!

Love the crucifictorious too...ha.

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