oh what a night

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 
It's been a while since we have posted anything and this is nothing exciting. Next week we will have some good crafty stuff to share:) 
This morning was a very exciting one for Ella. Santa made his grand opening at the Lubbock mall and we were there to welcome him.  The first 50 kids to the mall this morning got free chick-fil-a breakfast and got to eat with Santa. It was so fun! 
Ella was a little shy at first, but she has a deep love for Santa. Do you guys remember last years Santa pics? We didn't do the official Santa pic today, but we will soon. 

Even though Kristen and I are not in the same town we still managed to spend a very exciting Saturday night together:) 
Have you guys seen Kristen's amazing scarfs yet? Well she is hand crocheting the cutest circular scarfs and I thought it was about time I learned how. Lindsay and Brycie are pros already so I am a little behind.
So for hours tonight, (and I mean hours) I ichated with Kristen (yes thats Kristen on the computer screen rockin Mocha Splash hair color) and Brycie as they taught me the ropes to crocheting. It was hilarious! I wish the convo had been recorded! 
Picnik collage
Ella tried to follow along until it was her bed time and she did such a good job at unraveling my whole ball of yarn:) 
Let me just say that crocheting might not be my talent in life. I am still giving it a good try but man Kristen sure does make it look and sound easy! I hope to be making the famous circular scarf soon but we will see...

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jojo said...

I think you will get it!! Just a lot of practice!!I hope you can teach me!The scarfs are so great!!

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