what a weekend...

 It's Thursday and I'm still recovering from the weekend. We had a fun filled packed one with lots going on. 
We spent last Thursday and Friday in Oklahoma where Bob had an interview for residency. The interviews are usually a two day deal. They start with a dinner where the spouse comes along and then the next day is about an 8 hour process that only Bob goes to. Ella stayed with Bob's parents while we went to Oklahoma so while Bob was away all day Friday interviewing I had the day to myself in Oklahoma city. I'm a bit directionally impaired so I didn't really explore around too much on my own. We stayed in an area called bricktown that had a lot of things to walk around and see so I stayed on foot most of the day. I went to the movies by myself and just relaxed. (with popcorn and candy of course) It was so nice. 
We drove back from Oklahoma and stayed in Dallas for the rest of the weekend for Halloween. It was so fun and all the kids had a blast seeing each other! 
On Monday morning we left Ella with my parents and Bob and I flew to North Carolina for an interview in the residency program there.  It was so fun! We went to the dinner part Monday night and then Bob did the long interview part on Tuesday. I didn't mind having the day to myself in Chapel Hill, NC at all!  It is so beautiful there!  We flew back Tuesday night which ended up taking a little longer than planned. Southwest doesn't do a direct flight so we had a couple of connections along the way. During our first connection the latch on the cargo door broke so we had to switch planes. I'm kind of a nervous flyer to begin with so when you throw something like that in the mix along with a rain storm (lots of bumps) and then put being pregnant on top of it, I get a little nervous and poor Bob has to suffer though lots of arm pinching as we fly:) 
We drove back to Lubbock yesterday, went straight to a sonogram appointment (baby McKenna is doing great) and we were all in bed by 8:00 last night. What a crazy but fun weekend! 
Now I need to figure out what to make for dinner tonight...
Last week I was on a tortellini kick and made these two dishes that were delicious!
Picnik collage
The first one is fried tortellini. It is a recipe from the food network that actually calls for ravioli but I just changed it to tortellini. Recipe here. Then the next pic is a tortellini sausage soup that was so good! It is from the fabulous Our Best Bites blog. Recipe here.


Carrie said...

oh man, did you seriously have to post a picture of those dang fried tortellinis?! last time you made them i ate a TON. and i've been wanting to make that soup but i've never bought sausage still in the casings before... i wonder if i could just use regular ground sausage?

anyway, i'm soooo glad y'all are back in lubbock! sorry i'm kinda an over-commenter on the blog. :)

Jessibee08 said...

Dont know if you remember me, but I am one of E. Shipley's bff from Hs :)Hope you end up in OKC, we could hang out!!! :)

Leslie said...

You have had the most insane fall!! Hope you can stay home and relax all weekend. And i am pumped to make those fried tortellini things this weekend!! Miss you!!

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