happy friday!

Picnik collage
We have become more Tech fans than Cowboy fans this year. Ella still likes to wear her cowboy cheerleader outfit but it obviously brings them no luck. 
I have helped a few people with screen printing shirts these last couple of weeks and it has been so fun!
Picnik collage
We went to the Texas Tech football game last weekend and it was SO fun. Ella made it through the whole game and would have even stayed longer. She was cheering on Tech and Mickey the whole time. We made shirts to wear the the game to show our love and support for our good friend Mickey who plays for Tech. 
We put I love Mickey on the front and his last name and football number on the back. I didn't ever get  a pic of the back.
Then I made shirts for our sweet friend Leslie. You should go check out her fantastic blog and buy some of her beef! (how cute are her twin boys in the shirts?!)
I am also making some Harry Potter shirts for some friends that are going to the midnight showing next week. Those should be done soon:) We dyed them with RIT dye last night and they are a fantastic wine color. We are using gold ink to screen print them, I think they are going to turn out great! If I knew anything about HP I would totally making shirts and going to the midnight show all decked out, I love that kind of stuff! 
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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the tichenor family said...

I am thinking I may be the world's worst screen printer. Don't be nervous if I knock on your door with a bag full of Speedball supplies and a look of desperation. I am pretty sure I could have bought a professional machine by now with all of the ink, replacement screens, emulsion remover, etc. I have bought TRYING to be as savvy as lullaby lubbock!!!

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