lil' flappers

since we had just had a 20's theme party, we decided to keep the theme going and get the kids some flapper/gangster attire for halloween too.  we had ours on hand just in case we all wanted to dress up...that did not happen this year, unlike last, but it was just as much fun.
we met at aly and matt's and aly had done some great set up with pumpkins and "boo yall" napkins and cups.  allison made the spiders rice krispies.
Picnik collage
we decided to use their awesome neighborhood as our trick or treating terrain.  it was a good plan.
Picnik collage
we took wagons and strollers and walked to adalyn's fall festival at her school.  i mean, we had to have a little work out to work off our candified calories, right?
Picnik collage
then we took it to the streets for some real trick or treating.
Picnik collage
i think they couldnt believe this was for real-best friends, bounce houses and free candy-best holiday ever.
overall it was a fantastic evening.
hope everyone had a great sugar induced coma halloween.


the tichenor family said...

precious, precious as always. whenever I read a post where all of you get together it makes me reallllly want a little girl! :)

lins said...

i love the little flappers!! and ella's face in that top picture is seriously the best. cutest kids of all time.

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