Weekend in Pictures

Let me just start off by saying, y'all's comments just made our whole weekend.  They were so sincere and sweet, i know that they just lit up my face everytime I would get one.  Thank you so much for being so honest and thankful, even in the midst of some really difficult situations.  Thank you guys for sharing with us and letting us into your lives.  We cant tell you how much we appreciate it and yall.
My gracious sister in law, shannon, was so sweet to let me take her pics in some of the newest things over in the shop...
Picnik collage
isnt she so beautiful! and we have a few more ideas going up soon, so go on over to etsy if you have time...
the rest of the weekend was amazing.
Picnik collage
the first half was spent with my mom's side of the family and it was so much fun to catch up with my cousins and help make thanksgiving (well, jeff didnt get to come because he had to work so I didnt really help that much with the cooking...but these ladies were amazing and their cooking was so good!).
All of my cousin's fiances (and wife) were there and it was just so much fun to talk their ears off about weddings and their exciting lives.
Shannon bought everyone aprons that said "kitchen crew" on them and they were such a hit! of course I dont have any pics of them, but we love them and wore them the whole time!
My mom, of course, made sweat shirts for everyone (see where I get it???).
Then, of course I dont have any pics of the rest of the weekend but we went to Jan and Bob's and spent the night with my niece and I am pretty sure all the kids thought they had died and gone to heaven.  Jan and Bob played with them non stop and they made necklaces, colored, made masks, played hide n go seek and pretty much never sat down.  It was so much fun to see them.
Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!!
We will back later with a recap of al's weekend and the winner of the giveaway!!


Leslie said...

Just ordered a scarf last night...they are awesome kristen!! And seriously shannon is like the prettiest person i have ever seen. Not fair! Miss you!!

Patrick said...

thats a pretty HOT model you got there! ;)

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