Gobble til you Wobble

 Do you guys remember the turkey shirts we made last year? This year we combined a little of the two.
Ella's turkey shirt was hand made with fabric paint last year cause I didn't have a sewing machine yet and Kristen made the cutest turkey shirts that I was so excited to copy this year! 
Picnik collage
The turkey body and feathers are all made with fabric and the eyes and feet are embroidery thread. On the back I screen printed a list of things that Ella is thankful for this year. 
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
and i (kristen) did mine last night, kinda late, well, really late, so they are maybe not perfect...
maybe a little off center and i didnt use as many colors as last year, but I do just love a ruffled turkey.
I did ben one too.  Last year I did a pilgrim hat, but this year he loves animals and birds so much and I knew he would love to have the turkey, so i tried to make one a little more manly.
And, of course, my sweet son was the only who would pose for the pictures.  (aves was sweet and did do it, but maybe barstad hair is not the best when we wake up...)
Picnik collage
I did not have time to do the back and that is my favorite part!! I love how allison added that and I am just so sad that I didn't do it!
Hope everyone is having a great pre-thanksgiving (I feel this is the day that you really get ready and stretch your stomach out with a good meal.  Always have to be prepared).
And tomorrow we have a fun giveaway to thank you for all of your support and encouragement!!
See yall back here tomorrow, fat and happy.


Lifethrualinds said...

LOVE these again...so glad you brought them back. I may have to bust out one for Kinley for tomorrow!

the tichenor family said...

LOVE these. I may try to make myself a turkey shirt when my boys go to sleep. I had every intention of screen printing their list of "thankful fors" but that plan has unraveled so my "Give Thanks" shirts will have to suffice for this year. But that ruffled turkey just makes me smile. I think I need one too!! Love your creative brains.

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