when i think of a name for these things im gonna open a shop

brycie came to visit yesterday and i put her to work. we were a couple of old ladies who stayed up late watching (you can go ahead and say it with me) friday night lights and oprah and crocheted until two. you know, a dream night for 80 year olds who like watching high school football.
here are some combos we came up with to show you guys our color options
cream and navy (shown in small)
Picnik collage
im calling this one "harvest" (shown in medium)
Picnik collage
a long blue & black one that is a smidge skinnier (shown in large)
Picnik collage
and this one is not my fave but it shows you the purple and navy and gray (small, again)
Picnik collage
i have  few more colors that i am trying to crank out and i want to dye some yarn because i do not have a happy place with the green, pink or yellow that are available to me.  im going to a yarn shop tomorrow to seek out other venues.
so, if you have ordered one from me, these are your color options so far and i can do long, short, skinny, fat, multiple stripes, no stripes, solids, etc.  just let me know what you want.  i know the black and gray is a crowd pleaser, so i am always happy to do that one too. and of course acl. its a classic.  it started this whole shebang.  and when i can come up with a good name for these then i will put it out on etsy.
hope everyone had a great weekend and i promise more exciting posts that dont deal with yarn, in the near future.


The Rodriguez Crew said...

Kristen, I really would love to order one! The cream and navy is calling my name. Email me the details on price, how to pay you, etc. if you have a chance! So glad you're opening a lullabylubbock etsy shop... it's brilliant. :)

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

I want one too! Please e-mail me the details when you have a chance.


Leslie said...

Has Amy told you her sister opened up a yarn store in waco - maybe she could hook you up. They are so great!!!

lins said...

i love harvest and i love purple/navy! well, they are all fabulous. gray and black might be my fav... ahh i don't know! love them all. and your hot model is just icing on the cake!! :)

Beth said...

I love the purple navy and grey! I think you should completely open a shop. :) As far as what to call them . . . scarf cowls? I don't know! They're dang cute though. :)

the mcquire family said...

Would love to buy one too! What are the prices/shipping? Thank so much, these are SO cute!!! :)

Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

Love these!!! What are your prices!?

Laura said...

Super cute! Aren't these kind of like ifinity scarves?

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