Kristen and the fam have officially moved. I have spent my fair amount of time pouting this week but, as Patty Loveless would say "time will ease your pain, life is about changing, nothing ever stays the same." (this is the opening song to the good-bye ballads cd I made) Kristen, Jeff and the kids drove to Tyler late Monday night and I still haven't gotten used to them being gone. Its weird. I don't like it.
Before they left, our sweet and very talented friend Brittany took pictures for us. It was such a fun photo shoot to do and we had lots of laughs.
we started out at the park,
and then we went to get ice cream,
and there was some dancing after the ice cream to work off those calories.
then kristen and i did a little shoot of our own with a tandem bike that unfortunately did not work. but it was super fun to play with.
thank you so much brittany for capturing some fantastic memories for us!!


Lifethrualinds said...

These are precious! Brittany is so talented...but, yall are beautiful subjects! Love them all...love yall!

jordan said...

I love these pics. make me smile every time.

jojo said...

Oh sweet Allison I can only imagine what this week has felt like. There has been nothing sweeter than the relationship you have had with Kristen in Lubbock, not just the two of you but the whole family. There are wonderful memories and there will be more to come with you all in time. I can't wait for that time. Everyone can sense the loss but I know not as much as you!!! I am so proud of the wonderful Mom you are to Ella and the great friend to so many!! We can't wait to see you! Love you!

Honey said...

You girls should be in a magazine! These pictures are absolutely gorgeous...of the moms and the kiddos! Y'all have had such a sweet time together. But there will be many more good times ahead.

Tulip and Turnip said...

I know I don't know you guys officially, but I've been reading your blog for a little while...and these photos are spectacular! They tell such a story. I LOVE the ones at the ice cream parlor (so sweet and nostalgic) and I'm also loving your matching Vans! :)

Unknown said...

K so I am all welled up with tears for you girls. My best friend and I live sooo far away from each other. I just spent a week with her and it was pure bliss, just like the good old days when we were neighbors:) I just wanted to share that this post was touching. My family moved 6 years ago from California all the way to Canada so I hear your pain and yet, it could be worse girls! Car rides are easier and cheaper than plane tickets.

You two are adorable, creative and clearly sooo blessed. Thanks for sharing:)


Blair Wheeler said...

These pictures are just goregous. You girls look like sisters! I truly want one to frame on my mantle --- they are SO good!

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