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A few weeks ago I made some crafts that can be used at bedtime. The first one I did was a tutorial I saw on MADE. I made some crib sheets for Ella. You can find cheesy Dora sheets for big girl beds but not crib sheets so I made Ella her own Dora sheets. It made bed time extra fun for her. I also made a couple other ones with some fabrics I had. I would like my next try to be with a more loud fabric so it will really pop.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
My next project was something I made for Aves, Ben and Sassy before they left.
Picnik collage
I made them each a pillow case with pics of them and Ella on it. This way they will go to sleep and wake up thinking of Ella:)
I printed pics on printable fabric I got from wal-mart then sewed on a border of fabric behind it. I hope it helps them all have sweet dreams.

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Carrie said...

These are so sweet Allison! I love that you posted it at midnight and I am checking your blog at 12:10am. Why am I so sleepy during the day and wide awake eating spicy cheetos at night?! Maybe I need a special pillowcase too!

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