More fun in store

Before we visited Tyler and jeff had to decide if he wanted it to be his number one choice we prayed for a sign. i know, i know, we dont need a sign and its pretty tricky which signs you should take and which signs are just for hilarity factor. we picked and chose which ones we wanted to take and one of those was the most beautiful double rainbow. we saw both ends of it. it was just gorgeous!
our very last night in lubbock, over pizza and beer, jeff called me outside to see, what i think may have been more of a confirmation than a sign, but, either way, it was beautiful.
and it was neat to see God's hand guiding us through Tyler and Lubbock and feel like He is with us no matter where we are. (And the rainbow theme was kinda apparent in the Noah's ark party, so i feel like its a family symbol...) Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!
ok, now on to some more business.
this whole, "what's gonna happen to Lullaby Lubbock after I move?" question. I feel like you guys have given us so much amazing support and encouragement, and even though I will be like 8 hours away from my blog's name, we are gonna keep this ball rollin'. yup, folks, you heard it first here, we are just gonna keep everything the same and update from lubbock and tyler. we decided to keep it lullabylubbock because lubbock is where it all began and will always be the blog's home (cheesy, but true).
so, thank you so much, again for all of your encouragement and for continually inspiring us, making us laugh and finding the fun in the boring things we do and make. you guys mean so much to us and we are excited to keep this up. so, here's to many, many more posts.


Leslie said...

love that post! and miss you! feel like since you know amy now it's even easier to keep in touch. have a fantastic weekend. such a SWEET picture!! Brittany is amazing!!

misty tharp said...

I am so HAPPY to hear that you guys are keeping this blog~ it's such an inspiration to a small group of SAHM's here in Tulsa =) Even though we don't 'know' you, you are in our prayers & hope the transition is smooth =)

Blair Wheeler said...

YESSS! Best news I've heard all day. I would be lost without the daily dose of Lullaby Lubbock. You two are meant to do this blog together - you make creative magic and I love it!

Elizabeth said...

Kristen and Allison I'm so glad that you're going to keep the blog going! I've enjoyed reading it a lot - you guys are so fun and creative. Good luck with the move Kristen, and Allison good luck with holding down the fort in Lubbock!

Helen said...

YEA for more Lullaby Lubbock!!

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