so, i made more clips.
like a ton more. and then my neighbor walked down (her daughters come and play with aves almost everyday) to pick up her girls and saw the clips. she told me to try and sell them at a consignment store around the corner and kept asking how much they were...so, even though they are pretty much clips, hot glue and felt, im gonna give it a try.
i got kinda excited about it, even though i have no idea if they will sell, and celeste came in town and i told her. my friend jennifer came in town, too, and we just had the best weekend. we laughed and stayed up late and made tons more clips, headbands, clips for shoes, pins and necklaces. it was really so much fun.
Picnik collage
my dream in life is to someday have a bakery called sassarina's (after my food loving youngest daughter). we decided to use sassarina's for the clips (when the bakery comes along, it will have to be a multi-use name) and we added a little bird to the s (just for fun).
Picnik collage
and we made some shoe accessories,
Picnik collage
we bribed the girls with candy to take their pics in the bows...i think they are still on the sugar high...
Picnik collage
and of course, we have to have the grown up version,
Picnik collage
and we are working on the boy version with bow ties and stuff.
and we have necklaces but no pics so ill post those soon.
we are taking them to stores today so wish us luck!!! and if you have any advice on selling things in stores, please let me know!!


Beth said...

I hear etsy calling your name!

Unknown said...

So fun and SO cute!

My 2 cents:
They seem to sell better in stores when you bring in coordinating "collections". I personally prefer to sell them to the store out right and not consign and have to come back to collect. If you van do it that way it is easier.

start a blog with pictures and contact info and print that on your cards somewhere...people love to have a site to go look at!

you clips are adorable. best of luck to ya:)


fromhousetohome said...

They are all so cute!!! You all did great! Can't wait to see how it goes at the store today!

fromhousetohome said...

They are all so cute!!! You all did great! Can't wait to see how it goes at the store today!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, those are all soooo adorable. It's a lot more than just felt and a glue gun. You guys got some serious talent. Good luck at the store today!

Lifethrualinds said...

Great job Kris, Jennifer, and Celeste! Yall dd a great job!! I'll buy some!

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

You are just too dang crafty...I'm jealous! =) Be thinking ahead! I'm probably going to do a "little man" party for Conrad in December and really want to go with bow ties. So, you're designs might be perfect!

Allie said...

so cute! you should open an etsy shop!

Leslie said...

Look at you!!! That's awesome Kristen!!!

Morgan Bender said...

The girls and J. Grace make such great models! I'm loving the clips. Let me know when and how to buy them! You know I'm all about the bakery and I love the name!

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