New Digs

just thought i would show you some of the progress of the house. there are boxes everywhere! they have been piled in our lawn because they overflow our house and garage! its just insane. we are giving stuff to whoever will take it, throwing away anything that we dont have a huge connection to, and just trying not to pull our hair out. moving is tough. and with three kids who have had like 589 fevers in 5 days, its been crazy.
so, anyway, back through the rose colored glasses, i have gotten some progress on aves' and the twins rooms.
here is the twins' before.
and after
and ben's (sorry its blurry)
we got their beds at ikea and we love them! they were so easy to put together. and the curtains, actually. it was my first time to go there and i have to say, i loved it. i know it can be a love it or hate it kinda deal, but i loved it. so many fantastic things for so cheap! and fabric you can cut yourself! amazing. i am going back without jeff who really held me back...
and i can only show you one side of this room because the other isnt finished and it has pack in plays shoved in it. we are trying to make the transfer from cribs to big kid beds smoothly and its been ok. but we are most definitely not there yet.
and here is one side of avery's room just cause we arent really done yet in there either.
needs something over her bed and maybe a few more pillows (not quite 'along came polly', but a few more...)
ok, so thats what we have so far. ill be back with more photos of the rest of the place after we get a little more headway. not quite ready to show you the crap that we have stuffed in every corner of our house. i want to be more like MADE who has all her empty space...maybe in another lifetime. ok, enough wishing. off to get ready for our 10 (yes, i said it, ten! we are so old) year reunion!! colleyville heritage, all hail the one we love...


Anonymous said...

It's looking great, Kristen! You'll look back on these times with fondness someday - stressful as it may seem right now. Right now, you have it all. Your kids are little and right in your lap, and you and Jeff have your whole bright future in front of you! Take it from someone who is down the road a bit . . . Nan

Leslie said...

It looks awesome Kristen!!! seriously love the kids rooms. How are they doing in their beds? I am so sorry the move has been tough and they've been sick. Not fun at all. Hope you have a great reunion!!!

lins said...

the rooms look so good!! i can't believe you have gotten this much done already! Hope things go smoothly from now on.. love you so much

Brittany said...

looks great! i am impressed with how much you have gotten done! great job! hope you are doing well!

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