house warming

Picnik collage
how cute are these cookies that our neighbors brought over?! (the blurred out part is our address number). we were so excited. and they taste good. kinda amazing. and ill show you more pics of the inside of our actual (not cookie) house once i get my camera battery charger (these are just phone pics). we finally have everything moved in and the garage moved around so we can even fit more cars in! its so exciting to feel settled a little. (and how amazing does al's house look!!! gorgeous!) and the people that i have met here have just been so kind. so many people have invited us to playgroups, parks, pools, and dinners. its really been the most incredible blessing. God has given us, over and over, the ability to see Him at work here, and in our lives, and we are so thankful.
hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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jojo said...

How wonderful to have creative neighbors! You are going to have fun sharing all the creative things you do.I am so happy for you to be getting everything unpacked and to have so many great people there for you. I can't wait to come see it! Love you!

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