mini strawberry pies

so, tonight i had some left over strawberries that were looking a little soft and some pie crust that i had already used one layer of and we decided to make some mini strawberry pies. (and all things tiny have been on our minds alot lately). they were amazing. my mom would die, though, because everything was store bought. her strawberry pie is to die for and of course, it has homemade crust and real whip cream-never cool whip. noooo way, she would never use fake whipped cream. she only likes the real stuff. so dont tell her that we bought everything we put into these little balls of goodness. they def didnt taste like they were missing anything!
eating strawberry pie
you can see the made up "recipe" on our food blog.


jan said...

Wish we had been there to partake with y'all!!! They look scrumptious! A must make next time we come out!!

leslie Lohrding said...

found you blog tonight and it is greatness!!!! i am sad i let my fall. and seriously you are so crafty and the best decorator every. you and allison rock. seriously you two are awesome!!!

Honey said...

I have been catching up with you and Allison by reading the last 6 or 7 blogs...I am so proud of you and all you do with your kids to make life so fun! Y'all are the best Moms! I can't wait to hear where y'all are headed. I'm sure Tyler if that's what Jeff wanted because he's amazing!!! Wherever you end up they are going to LOVE you and your precious family.

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